The Common Law Admission Test is a highly rated aptitude test for law aspirants wishing to pursue higher education in the exceedingly coveted National Law Universities. The test checks the students mental and aptitude abilities under a fixed time frame. The exam comprises of 5 main sections which are divided as follows:

  • English including Comprehension: (40 marks) testing the candidates’ verbal skills, proficiency in the language and vocabulary through passage and grammar related questions.
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs: (50 marks) covering a mix of current affairs of the past year or so and static general knowledge.
  • Mathematics (including Numerical Ability): (20 marks) testing the candidates aptitude in elementary maths i.e., up to Class X.
  • Legal Aptitude: (50 marks) testing the candidate’s legal knowledge and the ability to apply legal propositions correctly.
  • Logical Reasoning: (40 marks) testing the candidate’s problem solving abilities with respect to identification of patterns and logical/illogical links.

CLAT Coaching in Delhi

The debate around whether to engage with a coaching institute for CLAT prep has been a long standing one. There are several quality CLAT coaching institutes in Delhi which provide for good study material and guidance for the test prep. Many aspirants from all across the country specially come to Delhi sometimes to join the reputed CLAT coaching institutes.


Being the capital, Delhi as a location serves good advantages for CLAT coaching institutes to set up their centres. CLAT coaching centres located in Delhi attract qualified instructors and teachers that have more experience than others. They are highly qualified and experienced since they have been teaching student for a long time.

They are well versed with the syllabus of the exam as well. They are proficient in the concepts and can explain the same to the students smoothly. They can handle the students’ doubts promptly and clarify any other misunderstandings that they may have. These small aspects necessarily make an impact on the student who is joining that particular institute in Delhi. These institutes offer a variety of CLAT coaching programs including 1 year, 2 year and CLAT crash course programs. The students can choose the one which suits their needs the best.


The next section covers some of the top CLAT coaching in and around Delhi.

Top 10 CLAT Coaching in Delhi

Following are some of the top CLAT coaching institutes in Delhi.

  • Maansarovar Law Centre: Address - 59, Main Ring Road, Kingsway Camp, GTB Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009; Contact - 011-45009400.
  • Success Mantra: Address - E-359 2nd Floor, Above HCL Health Care, (in front of Nirman Vihar Metro Station Gate No. 3) Laxmi Nagar; Contact - +91-9811560490.
  • Career Launcher: Address - A-18, Ram House, 1st Floor, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi - 110001; Contact - 91-11-47772100.
  • AB Tutorials (Bhatara Law Institute): Address: D-29, Lower Ground Floor, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016; Contact: +91-8010381038.
  • Juris Academy: Address - 49, Ground Floor, Mall Road, Kingsway Camp, Opposite GTB Nagar Metro Gate No – 2, New Delhi-110009; Contact - 80109 05050.
  • Tara Institute: Address - H-60, Basement, Near Bengali Sweets, South Ex Part I, New Delhi - 110049; Contact - 011-64644952.
  • CLAT Next: Address - 1/116, Shankar Road, Block 1, Near Nanaksar Gurudwara, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110060; Contact - 011- 40045161
  • IMS Learning: Address - HS-36,2nd floor, Kailash Colony Market New Delhi - 110048; Contact - 011-41731456.
  • TIME Institute: Address - A-14, First Floor (Near Metro Station), Kailash Colony, New Delhi; Contact - 011-41734029.
  • Bell-CLAT: Address - 4, Community Centre, Zamrudpur, Kailash Colony, New Delhi- 110048; Contact - +91-9971819570.

(Note: The information provided above is only for reference purposes. The institutes mentioned here are not in any order of ranking. They have been compiled only on the basis of student testimonials gathered from different websites and are mentioned without prejudice to other institutes. Further, many of the institutes above have multiple centres across Delhi hence information regarding them should be obtained from their individual websites.)

Benefits of CLAT Coaching

CLAT coaching centres such as the ones mentioned above offer many advantages. Many people have lauded their respective curriculum, course material, structures and quality of teachers. These coaching centres often small batch sizes which enables the teachers to pay closer attention to the individual students. They can help the students on a more personal level rather than simple classroom discussions.


They provide good study material which is vetted and checked to ensure that it covers the whole syllabus for CLAT. The teachers are themselves experiences and highly qualified who help the candidate navigate through the voluminous course with relative ease. At times, some of the teachers are lawyers themselves thus understanding the practical aspects of the concepts which ultimately enables them give an in-depth explanation of the concepts.

Many of the CLAT coaching centres in Delhi have good infrastructure which facilitate a more interactive type of learning style. The classrooms are equipped with branded projectors and computer systems that can make grasping of concepts easier. They are usually very accessible in terms of their location so that the students can reach the centres quick and in a way which is the most cost-effective for them as well.


These CLAT coaching centres in Delhi have good reputation since they have a lot of ex students who have been top rankers in CLAT. Almost all of them advertise their previous students’ ranks in and around their centres. They have regular classes (depending on the type of program chosen by the candidate) which include classes for different things. For instance they have separate classes for interactive doubt clearing sessions and many classes solely for the purpose of revision. Lately, the centres have also started the practice of engaging separate classes for the mathematics section so as to help the student combat their ‘math phobia’.

Such measures initiated by these CLAT coaching institutes do provide for a good incentive for the students to join them.


CLAT Crash Course

A big benefit of the CLAT coaching institutes is that almost all of them offer crash courses among their different study programs. CLAT crash courses are basically short term engagements with the institutes where they cover the whole syllabus for the CLAT in a period of 1-2 months. Such crash courses prove to be the most helpful in cases where the students have either decided late to pursue law or they think that they have not been able to cover a lot in cases where they are preparing on their own.


Recently, many institutes have also started with CLAT crash courses online whereby they provide the study material and other course books via mail after the students subscribe to that particular program on their website. This is, in my opinion, one of the most efficient ways to prep for the exam since this way the student will be able to save time spent in travelling and help root out the negatives of classroom coaching. The CLAT crash course online series is also becoming popular among students who cannot travel to Delhi and can therefore avail the benefits sitting at home. The fee for such online crash courses is also cheaper.

Best way to make use of the crash course is to study on your own for a year before CLAT and then engage with a CLAT coaching institute in the last 1-2 months in a CLAT crash course to chisel out the skills. This is exactly what I did and this landed me in Gujarat National Law University. I studied on my own for a year and then did a crash course for 2 months. It helped me fill the knowledge gaps and brush up on the tricky concepts.


The CLAT crash course fee usually ranges between Rs. 25,000 - 50,000 depending on the institute chosen. This may seem a little hefty at times but that is only because the coaching institute is cramming the whole CLAT syllabus within a period of 1-2 months.

Top Tips

Following is a guide to all the important study tips needed for cracking CLAT. If the candidate can try and adhere to most of the tips listed herein, he or she will be surely able to crack the exam.

  • Decide: Decide that CLAT is what you really want to do and score one of the top NLUs in the country. An ideal time to decide this would be the end of Class XI since it gives you a full year to focus on your preparation while managing your studies for Class XII as well.
  • Strategize: A good strategy involves a simple time table made by you for yourself and not the kind which we follow for a day and then forget about. This is an important part of your preparation since it will help you manage your Class XII studies, tuitions and other commitments along with your CLAT prep.
  • Stick to Schedule: Once the study plan is formed, the candidate should stick to it. They should read the material in a timely manner and be aware of all the concepts ahead of time so that they possess a big picture of the topics and concepts involved.
  • Read Regularly: For efficient preparation, inculcating a reading habit is extremely important. You should read newspapers and periodicals on a regular basis. It will help in staying apprised with the latest news and current affairs from India and rest of the world and will increase your reading speed which will prove to be beneficial as you will be able to cover the questions faster.
  • Personal Diary: Another tip I would like to share is to maintain a personal diary with you. The purpose of this diary is mainly to keep track of your progress. This diary will be a self reflection of how you are performing and progressing. So basically at the end of every day I took out 5 minutes to jot down my prep highlights and it helped me tremendously. If you have joined CLAT coaching in Delhi then should note the progress made there and what all topics have been covered in the different classes.
  • Revise and Review: It is important to revise regularly. The concepts will start to imprint in your mind and the whole exercise will become expedient soon enough. Students with CLAT coaching in Delhi should positively attend the revision classes which are held in their respective centres.
  • Mock Tests: The candidates should reserve the last month for taking mock tests. These can be online CLAT mock tests or previous years question papers. If the candidate has joined CLAT coaching in Delhi then they can easily avail the mock test series given by the CLAT coaching centres.

Exam Day

At the end of the day, it is important to have a positive outlook towards your preparation and the exam. Being negative and doubtful about your preparation will only lead to anxiety which hampers performance. I would suggest that you stay constantly motivated and positive throughout the three stages. All the candidates should take efforts to root out the negativity from around them so that your goal to successfully crack the CLAT exam is unfettered.


Know your syllabus in and out, work diligently on a regular basis and be self-aware and true to yourself about your progress and you will crack this test with much ease. Have fun, enjoy your last year of school without compromising on your daily prep goals. And finally, do not worry about what score or rank you will get, as long as you have put in the work and effort sincerely, the results will automatically show.

It’s time to relax and let your hard work speak for itself!

All The Best!

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